Code Reviews

Codesphere's cloud IDE makes the code review process simpler and more collaborative. There is no need to check out any code locally. Our cloud editor functions similar to a Google doc and multiple developers can work on it collaboratively.
For more details on the IDE check out the Using the IDE documentation.

How do code reviews work in Codesphere

You can use the cloud IDE just like your local development editor, incorporate the changes proposed by your reviewers. Once completed you can use the terminal to commit the changes and push them to Github for proper versioning.
For private repositories you will need a personal access token. Check the GitHub Documentation if you need to set one up first.

Glad to see your interest in this

Glad to see your interest in this topic. Unfortunately our documentation is still being built up and this specific document is not finished yet.
We are working really hard to continuously improve our documentation, until we have caught up we are glad to assist you personally in setting this up.
Please use this Calendly page to set up a consultation with one of our solution engineers.