Working with Teams

Codesphere allows teams to collaborate efficiently and seamlessly through shared workspaces and live code collaboration.

Setting Up Your Team

To create a new team, navigate to the team selection dropdown in the top left corner of your workspace dashboard. From there, you can press the “Create new team” button, and name your team.
But what’s a team without teammates? To add people to your team, open the Members tab, and select Seats Management.
By default, your Codesphere team will have one seat. You can add more seats to your team for $10/month.

Team Management

Once you’ve added your seats, you can invite , change permissions, and remove team members from the Members tab.

Live Code Collaboration

Now that your team is setup, you and your teammates can now collaborate on your shared workspaces in real-time. This includes your codebase, terminal, CI pipelines, and deployment environments.