Bubble is a visual programming platform that allows users to build web applications without writing any code. It is based on a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy to use and accessible to people who don't have a background in programming. With Bubble, users can create a wide variety of applications, including e-commerce platforms, social networks, and marketplaces. The platform offers a range of templates and pre-built modules to help users get started, and also provides a range of integrations with other tools and services. Bubble is aimed at individuals and small businesses looking to build their own web applications without the need for expensive developers or technical expertise.

Glad to see your interest in this topic

Glad to see your interest in this topic. We know that can be integrated in Codesphere. Unfortunately our documentation is still being built up and this specific document does not exist yet.
One of our clients is using Codesphere to power a Python backend for a native app, read more about it in this blog article: How Project Count uses Codesphere to make their deployment and hosting trivial
We are working really hard to continuously improve our documentation, until we have caught up we are glad to assist you personally in setting this up.
Please use this Calendly page to set up a consultation with one of our solution engineers.
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