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Elixir is a programming language that is designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. It is a functional language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine (VM), and it shares many of the same characteristics as Erlang, such as support for concurrent and distributed programming.
Elixir is often used for building web applications, particularly those that require high levels of concurrency or real-time performance. It is also used for building distributed systems, such as microservices, and for creating applications that rely on actor-based concurrency.

Getting started with Elixir in Codesphere

There is a template that showcases how Elixir can be run inside of Codesphere. In the create workspace modal, select our Elixir template, and once provisioned, navigate to the CI pipeline and press the Run button of the prepare stage. This will download, install, and build a static sample Elixir application. Once completed, run your run stage and click the open deployment button in the top right corner to view the sample app.
Last modified 1mo ago